Diablo 3 Hard Core Tank Witch Doctor Debuff Build 1.0.8

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Diablo 3 Hard Core Witch Doctor Debuff Build for solo and team play! My Website http://bigdaddyden76.blogspot.co.uk/


Anthony Evans says:

Thanks Rich glad you enjoyed it :)

Rich Clark says:

Great build!!! I’ve been using it since I hit 60 with no problems. Also bought the Manajuma’s 2 piece set which in theory helps out even more; +130 int, +5 mana/kill, surrounded by deadly poison cloud :) I’m not a huge fan of rain of toads, just because it feels slow and placement is awkward, so I tried other skills (poison dart, firebomb etc) but have gone back to toads because it definitely does make a difference. Just wanted to say thanks and yes more hardcore vids!

Saintdog000 says:

Locust swarm, Pestilence beats them all :P

Anthony Evans says:

Yes im on euro, i play both soft and hard core, dirtyden#1567

Anthony Evans says:

Lol :P

JDavis2k says:

what the fuck did he say!!???Great build tho!

JDavis2k says:

You mean 3.2Ghz, and ur 64 bit O/S sees only 8Gb of that installed 12Gb DDR3

pasusuel says:

anthony , tell me you play on europe servers!!!!!!!

i wann a join yeh.

only play hc and got a wd paragon lvl10 atm, inspired by your insane dps firebats build. tho adjusted alot for hc.


Anthony Evans says:

Enjoy Zach !

Zach Thomas says:

Thanks for the HC info, Anthony! I’ve been running MP1 with your firebats + pestilence build, but would love to give this a try. Looks great, thanks!

Anthony Evans says:

Yeah tanks very well, saved my ass last night!

Anthony Evans says:

Np bud, greetings! ^^

Tafkadasohlol says:

in a huge crowd you are immortal with the bear tactic but overall this build is more safety i think. i have a lotta fun playing your build and want to thank you for it. sry for the bad spelling. greetings from germany.

Tafkadasohlol says:

this is the first build i tryed out that can beat my “insane bear spamming pickupradius=less cooldown on kill” tactics^^ the damage goes down. with 5 stacks soul harvest i have the same damage again. i bought the “uhkapic snake” (i dont know if thats really the english name^^) for more damage cause i dont need the pickupradius from the frog-mojo. frograin has a high radius, hits multiple targets and like the bats – no trouble with “blocking” elites.

Anthony Evans says:

Glad you like it john, a good balance between super tank but decent damage at the same time! :)

Anthony Evans says:

Core i7 3.2 Mhz 12 gig memory 1333Mhz tri channel , 570 gtx nvidia, also running d3 on a ssd hard drive which makes it smoother :)

Anthony Evans says:

Will do !

John Ivey says:

So i’ve been trying the build out and man oh man I almost never take any damage lol I actually make money off of the health potions i keep picking up everywhere lol Really amazing build I’ve been trying to improve on it with maybe some other skills but nothing will give me the ultimate survive-ablity as this one does Great job man really inspired. :D

2010dmiller2010 says:

please more HC stuff…and thanks can’t wait to try this out.

Toops73 says:

Hi, Great videos I really enjoy this build gives me a bit more range when mobs run away from plague bats, was wondering if you could post your hardware specs cpu, gpu. My Diablo stutters a bit I think I may need a hardware upgrade.

t4e95 says:

If you are aware of small damage upgrades, then it’s great. I just reached lvl60 today and I just have a total of 9k damage with 50k and 250resistances ;) But if you’re patient, it’s pretty entertaining!

Anthony Evans says:

Hi hunny! xxxx ty :P

Anthony Evans says:

Power Leveling

Karen Creftor says:

There’s no way I could do Hardcore! I die so much on softcore haha

great vid…luvvin the greenscreen :D

Mark Randell says:

how did you manage to get a hardcore WD I would have died before this stage??

Ofek Shilian says:

thank u Anthony if ill go to hc ill try it btw nice video please make a video about the hottest places to paragon lv and the hottest places/way/build for legendary

Anthony Evans says:

Yo mick!, i havent had any trouble yet…. lol

Anthony Evans says:

Thanks John glad you liked the vid :D

vineuk says:

Don’t play hardcore lol. Servers too unstable

John Ivey says:

WOW your like in my head or something man lol i just recently started a hardcore char myself lol You are officially my favorite you tuber Yeah i respect this change for the fact that everyone can just pay and win …. Hardcore demands respect cant wait to see more from you Love all your videos man Excellent build! I was using gruesome feast but this makes more sense in the long run.

Anthony Evans says:

Opps ! good idea! <– HC noobler !

Anthony Evans says:

Thanks, self found? must try that myself :)

Anthony Evans says:

Be carfull bud !

Anthony Evans says:

Oi ! lol :P

Drunk WoW says:

I have some advice for ya don’t keep anything on you all of those gems and such gem them off if you did die omg you would lose all of it witch would help if you had to redo that toon.

TheSGRob says:

Another good vid tony.
Next you need to make one on how to find legendaries, cos youre crap at that lol :D

zqa20 says:


t4e95 says:

Well, nice guide, fortunately I am just lvl57 on my HC WD and as soon as I get 60, I will use your build, could be a bit harder selffound, but that’s okay! :)

Kenzo360 says:

Never tried hardcore but gonna give the WD a go on hardcore see what happens, thanks anthony

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